Welcome to Clickity Brick! This site is a site run by me (Rob) who is an adult fan of Lego. That being said you will never see me refer to myself as an AFOL, I really dislike that acronym. I would like to get a disclaimer out of the way right away. This site is run by an adult Lego fan, while I won't be going out of the way to post more "mature" material or using adult language I won't rule it out either. Parents: consider yourself warned.

This site will primarily be a place for me to post pictures and updates for the Lego city I am building in my basement. City building is a pretty popular hobby among adult Lego fans and you can find many great examples of cities out there on YouTube. One common theme among them all is that they are never done. There is always something to change, improve, tweak, etc. So if you are thinking there is an end date for this project, you will be happy to know there is not. Hopefully I can provide you with content for as long as I have a city to work on.

Other things you may find here are MOCs (My Own Creation) and possibly the occasional set review. I don't create a ton of MOCs, a lot of the time they are small things for my city. Set reviews will be infrequent and very brief if they happen at all. As far as official Lego sets go, you will find that I mostly collect the superhero lines (Marvel and DC), Creator Modulars, City, and some of the other Creator sets. All things that tend to fit well in a Lego city. I tend to be a completionist when it comes to the superhero sets and while I don't have all the modulars I have gotten every one that has come out since I started collecting a few years ago. The other lines I tend to pick and choose a bit more.